Campground Rules

CHECK IN/OUT TIME — 2pm — please re-register by 10am if you wish to extend, or cannot vacate your site by 2pm. (CABIN CHECK OUT IS 12:00PM to give our cleaners time to clean.)

OFFICE HOURS – 9:00am to 9:00pm Daily during the Peak Season.

QUIET HOURS — 11pm to 8am — PLEASE — turn radios off and return to your own campsite.

VISITORS — must register and pay a visitors fee at office before entering campground. All visitors must leave by 10pm.

CAR PASSES — display on the lower corner on the passenger side of windshield.

CHILDREN — must be supervised by an adult at the restrooms, rec room, camp store, and pool.

PETS — must be leashed  and attended at all times. Please keep them quiet and cleaned-up after, you must carry waste bags when walking your pet. Pets are not allowed in any campground buildings. There is a Dog Run north of the pool, across the path.

SWIMMING POOL — open 10am to 8:30pm daily (weather permitting) during Peak Season.

  • Proper swimwear required. (No t-shirts or street shorts allowed.)
  • Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult.
  • No food or drink in pool area.
  • * ADULT SWIM: ADULTS ONLY every Monday thru Thursday morning from 10am – 11am (*except Holiday Weekends)

FIREWOOD — No outside firewood. Wood can be purchased at the office, and picked up outside at the lean to. Do not pick up fallen logs or cut standing timber.

FIRES — permitted in the fire ring only and must be attended at all times. Put campfires out with water when retiring or leaving the campsite. Do not move fire rings.


SPEED LIMIT — 5mph — please be safe and watch out for children.

GARBAGE — Please take trash to the dumpsters. Dumpsters are located next to the grassy field as you drive in and out of the park.

GRAY WATER — Public Health Department requires closed containers. MUST BE disposed of in the dump station; not on the ground.

DISH WASHING — Please use utility sink in the laundry room. No dish washing at water spigots or in restrooms.

LAUNDROMAT — Located in the back of the Office building. Quarter change machine is available inside the Rec Room from 9am to 9pm. Please shut off lights when exiting the laundry room.

CLOTHES LINES — Permitted for swimwear only. Please hang 6′ or higher.

BICYCLES — No riding after dark. Watch speed on hills and be cautious of loose gravel.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES — May not be driven in the park. Please trailer in and out of campground.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES — Moderate use permitted. Only at your site.

TV CHANNELS — CBS 9.1; FOX 9.2; ABC 13.1; WZZM Weather Channel 13.1

THIS PROPERTY IS PRIVATELY OWNED — We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to our guests and/or their visitors. We are also not responsible for the loss of money or valuables of any kind.